Why choose Dr Hennessy for your cataract surgery?

I have helped care for many patients through cataract surgery, and you will find my approach - matter of fact, sympathetic and reassuring.

I recommend cataract surgery when the effect of the cataract on your vision is interfering with your ability to perform everyday tasks, as well as your specific visual needs, for example related to hobbies and sports. Sometimes early cataract can be observed until it worsens to a level that surgery is justified.

  • My staff and I will guide you through the process, helping you decide on the right time to have your cataract surgery relative to your symptoms. I will help monitor your cataract over time, to help to detect worsening that will help you make the decision to proceed.

  • My staff will discuss the costs with you and help you confirm your Health Fund Coverage for the surgery.

  • I will explain the procedure, the options for your vision after surgery including the need to use glasses, and what to expect during your recovery.

  • While complications from cataract surgery are rare, I will discuss this with you to a level that meets your needs, and help you decide if you are ready for the operation, and what to expect.

  • Follow up arrangements will be discussed in advance of the surgery, to help you plan your usual activities around the preparations for your surgery, the day of your operation, the recovery and associated post operative visits.

Make an appointment with Dr Hennessy to discuss your best cataract treatment options.

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